High velocity - electrodialysis cell:

•   cost effective

•  can be used, for example, to produce hydrochloric acid from concentrated seawater (e.g.as an anti-scaling gent for seawaterdesalination plants)

•   expandable / stackable design (chambers and cells), sample cell: 3 chambers, 4 cells

•   maintenance-friendly (1 person)  movable plates

•   membrane area: 0,15 m² per cell / 0,6 m² per stack with 4 cells

•   current density: up to 2500 A/dm²

•   unfiltrated feed with particles up to 3,5 mm Ø

•   excellent heat exchange between cell chambers

•   usable for high corrosive electrolytes

•   guaranteed leak-tightness internal and external

•   low stress for membranes

•   only 2 cables per stack

•   only 1 supply and discharge per electrolyte and stack

•   hydraulical and electrical series connection of one stack

•   very low short-circuit current (because of long connection pipes between single cells)

•   max. continuous operating temperature: 45°C / 113°F

•   weight of sample cell with 4 cells: 65 kg / 143 pound

•   high flow velocity (up to 1 m/s)  turbulent  reduced boundary layer and concentration polarization

•   low pressure loss

•   equal feed distribution in cell

•   no flow barriers like spacer, expanded metal or flow distributors

•   high gas content (up to 30%) possible because of homogenous flow distribution



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