Optimal Solution

WME today is producing and selling desalination plants in the order of magnitude of a potable water production of about 20 m3/h.

To run this plant a power of about 300 kW is necessary. Therefore the highlight of the WME plants is the winddriven saltwater desalination plant. But dependent of the price for the kilowatt hour the WME-plant can also be operated by dieselgenerators or by the public electrical grid. Because of the intensive R + D work the WME-plant has a special design, resulting to following convincing advantages:


Proven Technology

  • high economy standard
  • very long lifetime cycles of all components
  • no use of chemicals
  • pollution free and environmental friendly


Production of High Quality Potable Water

  • up to maximum of 500 m³ / day and unit
  • no filtration of incoming water
  • excellent water quality, usable as source for table water too
  • desalination also up to extreme high mineral content


          Production of high-quality salt

  • direct production of salt through evaporation from brine
  • incoming brine with salinity up to 10,5%
  • reduction of Saline size by 1/3
  • zero liquid discharge possible
  • extra benefit from salt production ensured by our  technology


Possibilities of Energy Use

  • conventional generated electrical surplus energy
  • regenerative energy exclusively:
    • wind energy converters
    • photovoltaic systems
    • biodiesel-, bioethanole-, biogassystems
  • no energy storage required


Entire Plant

  • is fully automatic
  • is remote controlled and monitored
  • has minimal maintenance
  • is installed in 40' standard container
  • is a stand-alone unit operation, ideal for remote areas



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