Technical Conception

Serving the purpose of preheating the saltwater (1) streams in through two parallel arranged plate heat exchangers (2), in which the heat is transfered from the outcoming destillate and brine to the incoming saltwater. The pressure within the following degasifyer (3) is almost reduced to the evaporation pressure level of the preheated saltwater. The air dissolved in the saltwater escapes and is removed by the vacuum pump. The degasified saltwater is passed on into the combined evaporator-condenser unit (4) which consists of a common bundle containing about 1,000 tubes. A circulation pump and spezial nozzle arrangements ensure an equal water film on the inner surface of the tubes. The water evaporates here. The resulting vapour - after having been compressed (5) - is led to the outer tube surface with rising temperature where it condenses. At the same time the released condensation heat and the higher temperature of the vapour can be used for the evaporation of an equivalent amount of saltwater.


As the salt concentration of the saltwater within the evaporator should not exceed the value of about 10,5 %, concentrated saltwater (7) is continuously led back into a well through the heat exchanger and is replaced by fresh saltwater. The gained distillate (8) is collected in an intermediate storage tank, from where it is pumped to the customers. Depending on local conditions the distillate can be disinfected, e.g. by chlorination or irradiation with ultraviolet light. The remineralization of the distillate can be realized by adding the appropriate minerals or also by mixing it with a small amount of disinfected saltwater. Each kilowatt hour generated by the windpower plant is entirely used for the production of the distillate. The production of electric energy by the wind power plant equals the used energy of the desalination plant at any time.



Schema Windenergiebetriebene Meerwasserentsalzung Technical Scheme Desalination
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