WME take the wind and trink the water

of high quality by the environment friendliest and most sophisticated desalination method.

  • independent of location
  • robust, very low maintenance and long lasting
  • purest water and constantly high water quality
  • chemical free, environmental friendly operation
  • renewable energy powered, solar and wind

The WME GmbH developed desalination plant takes an exeptional position on the field of seawater desalination with an unique selling proposition.


WME GmbH appreciates to welcome the Negaresh Organization as the exclusive sales agency for our Technology in IRAN.

We welcome our Partner for Renewable Energies in Iran:                                                                         Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian from Doostinternational. Business Developing and marketing consultant in Renewable Energy in Iran. Please view "Contact" for further informations.

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